Alex Scott Hide & Seek

 A series of 10 miniature human figures, sculpted from clay, delicately painted and subtly lit, have been placed in the park for Art in the Dark visitors to "seek". Their poses are those of hiding players – curled up, crouching or lying flat – depending on their chosen hiding spot. The work speaks to the universal experience of playing hide and seek, a game often favoured at a time in one's life when fun could be made “out of nothing”.

See how many of Alex’s miniatures you can find in Western Park – but please don’t touch.

About the Artist
Alex Scott is a self-taught artist from Auckland whose work is concerned with time, scale and nostalgia. In 2008 she began painting miniatures on matchboxes, and after two and a half years, had created 500 exquisite matchbox artworks. The Matchbox Collections were shown in Frankie magazine and exhibited in 2011 with a piece on Nightline. Alex has since focused on watercolour – painting countless pet portraits – and is currently working on a series of oil paintings of family photos.