Angus Muir Design Shroud

A large canopy of light is stretched across the upper area of Western Park. From the top of the park the canopy will appear as one line of light - as the audience make their way down the path their view of the canopy will change from a very linear installation to one that encompasses a large area. From the bottom of the park Shroud will appear as an ever changing canopy of light inviting people up the hill to the top. The 127sq m canopy will incorporate over one thousand individually controlled colour changing light sources.

About the Artist 

Angus Muir Design (formerly of Out of the Dark) was launched earlier this year.  Angus Muir Design is an award winning studio based in Auckland New Zealand. The practice brings together people, space and objects through design and installation. Their portfolio covers all aspects of installation including; permanent installations, temporary installations, interactive projects, public art, light sculptures and corporate work. They have been engaged by a number of different organisations both public and private. This year the studio has had works in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Russia, China and Amsterdam. 

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