Art in the Dark Education Programme Encouraging Biodiversity

This year’s AitD environmental education programme is all about encouraging biodiversity in urban areas – because variety really is the spice of life.

 All creatures, great and small, play an important role in maintaining the balance of nature – this includes people too! So, AitD has teamed up with students from Auckland Girls Grammar, Nga Rangatahi Toa, Westlake Girls, and Western Springs College to inspire Aucklanders to invite NZ’s native species into their backyards and neighbourhoods.

 The students involved in this year’s programme have created an artwork with a dual purpose – aesthetics and saving the planet.

 These paper lanterns have been crafted from Lovenotes SeedPaper by the talented bunch of students and after the Art in the Dark event; students will collect their lanterns and plant them. The SeedPaper will sprout into pollen-rich flowers – providing food for native insects and birds, and encouraging biodiversity!

We made a cool little film with local experts sharing their thoughts on protecting New Zealand’s unique wildlife:

Art in the Dark - Encouraging Biodiversity from Art in the Dark on Vimeo.

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