Craig Neilson & Reza Fuard  Yashoda

From the creators of Penduluminosity...

 A cubic window to an alternate space. Suspended in air, lit from within and mirrored on all sides, when viewed from any angle, Yashoda lets you gaze in to the mouth of Forever. Just don't let your mind fall in to the abyss.


Made using industrial salvage, high-efficiency lighting, mirrored acrylic and a cutting-edge wireless energy transmitter from Power by Proxi. Audio by Thomas Press/ Tone Mint.



About the Artist


Craig Neilson lives a wild adventure dream-life in Auckland making things and eating vegetables. 

Reza Fuard is on a self apprenticeship of inspiring playfulness and raising collective awareness. 

They fight crime.

Watch a video of Penduluminosity below:


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