Creature Colour the Dark

Paint with light and colour onto the blank night canvas of Western Park, to create your own artwork and become a unique part of  Art in the Dark 2014.

About the Artist

Together Lakshman Anandanayagam and Kim Baldwinson are Creature, an Auckland based content, events and post production company. While the company has just celebrated its first birthday, the owners have over 25 years of experience collectively in the moving image arena. Ranging from traditional advertising, film, design, content creation, visual effects, animation and large scale projection mapping events. Creature's work has taken them around the globe with recent projects in Zurich, Beijing and London. 

Special thanks to:

Fingermark are one of Australasia's leading digital technologists, founded in 2005 in Auckland, Fingermark have evolved into an innovative player in an ever moving market. Specialists in hardware and software design with a growing niche in the outdoor screen, Fingermark has played a key part in the world famous luminous LED show in Sydney's Darling Harbour, and is a proud partner with Creature for Art in the Dark 2014 and excited to be part of another great cultural event.

Image Centre Group are a proud supplier of digital solutions for Creature at Art in the Dark.
Image Centre Group provide NZ businesses with marketing communications solutions for an increasinly fragmented world. With eight specialist companies working alongside each other sharing knowledge and ideas, they've got the right mix of talent for every job.


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