Madge / Delegate Parallelity

A series of wormholes that show us visions of worlds that could have been or should have been, appear out of nothingness in Western Park. In the space between trees we see alternate realities of New Zealand without human interference, without atmosphere and without reason. What would the world have been like if there had been no human interference, how would it have evolved? What if a meteor had wiped out all life? What will it look like in the future?

About the Artist

 Shaun Madgwick/Madge: Coming from a design background that started out with designing surf tees, for the past 6 years Shaun has been working as a motion designer/animator. From private parties to huge civic building projections Shaun’s work has created memorable experiences for a diverse range of international brands including Google, Telecom, Louis Vuitton and Samsung.

Andrew Robertson/Delegate Media: Andrew is a trained Audio Engineer that has worked on various audio mastering and restoration projects, as well as producing a number of Electronica releases over the last 15 years. Now based in London, he has moved into sound design over the last 18 months, working closely with Shaun on his last two major projects.



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