Marcel Allen & Renee Warner Waiatarau

Inspired by the Maori name for Freemans Bay, Waiatarau, meaning ‘The Bay of Reflections’ or ‘The Bay of One Hundred Images’ this installation creates a contemplative space for reflection.

Much of the suburb is built upon reclaimed land and the work uses projected light to re-imagine it’s watery origins and potential futures. It has multiple resonances. One being the idea that reclaimed land seemingly creates something out of nothing. Another is examining humanity's determination to shape the environment to its will and the potential repercussions. With the threat of climate change looming, perhaps the water will return.

Participants are invited to interact with the pool of light and reflect upon their impact on the environment and how much they are working in harmony or at odds with the natural world.

About the Artist

Marcel and Renee make site-specific video installations that reflect and explore context, ecology and culture. They have made three works to date for Art in the Dark. Previous submissions were 2011's Day for Night where they transformed the Western Park playground into a fun and interactive, nighttime experience. 2012 saw Plant the Seed make a virtual community garden out of interactive planter-boxes. And last year they brought John Botica’s mosaic Across the Cultures to life with a projected animation entitled Arohanui Tonu. They have also built bespoke installations for Auckland Arts Festivals White Night, Jambalaya and Splore. 

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