Steven Tang & Karla Fordham Tunnel Vision

'Tunnel Vision' explores the boundaries between the organic and manmade. It explores the seamless and invisible relationship with a path and tree, as fixed structures these aren't often registered as people navigate through an everyday park. The separate entities intersect at points to form a cooperative system; together they provide a sheltered avenue. Tunnel Vision is an illuminated corridor which has been given form from the correlation between the two.

About the Artist 
Three Quarter Collective is made up of Steven Tang and Karla Rei Fordham.

Steven graduated from the University of Auckland in 2009 with a Masters Degree in Architecture and is now currently working in a firm in Parnell. Karla graduated from Massey University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design) and is currently employed as a Graphic Designer. 

Karla and Steven share many creative interests and draw their inspiration from the varied backgrounds in architecture and design. This is their first collaboration together.