The Velociteers Cyclo-party

The cycling tribes of Auckland emerged from a landscape dominated for decades by the needs of the motor car. From this veritable bicycle wasteland or out of nothing if you will, has emerged a steadily growing cycling culture of many tribes, from the weekend bunch cyclists on Tamaki Drive who alarm St Helier’s residents with their too-much-information lycra, to the fixie hipsters and the stylish vintage Raleigh 20 riding chicks. 

The Velociteers celebrate this evolving cycle culture and pay homage to Frocks on Bikes and Cycle Chic. Both groups are an important dynamic of social change in cycling culture. They encourage women to get out on their bikes, forget the lycra and look stylish.

So, it’s party time and the cycling is the party because bikes are the best party accessory.

About the Artist

An eclectic group of 8 cyclists unified by the desire to create illuminated, lycra-free cycling performances. Since forming in 2010, The Velociteers have performed at every Art in the Dark, as well as many other events such as the Cycle Style Fashion Shows, the Sustainable Business Awards, the first Auckland Ciclovia and the Melbourne BikeFest in 2013.


Proudly Supported By

Ponsonby Business Association