This is one event that exposes Auckland citizens' yearning for art as part of the script of everyday life, and the expression of a rather whimsical society.

Much of the evening's ambience and the extraordinary feeling of utter safety despite being in an urban park after dark resulted from light effects. Children swung and slid on the playground equipment lit with coloured balloons, creating their own delicious soundtrack.

There is no real ending to the evening. It is a seamless event with a warm, receptive and comfortable crowd. Hundreds of people take in the peaceful surveys of imaginative minds and bodies of the selected artists.

I for one can see how this event could become as perennial as the Franklin Road lights, the Otara markets, the Antique fairs -- and I look forward to next year's event already.

Excerpts from Felicity's review of Art in the Dark 2011 for Theatreview.