We announce the first of our Artists for 2012!

We are excited to announce and catch up with the first of our Artists for Art in The Dark 2012 - Alexander Bartleet. There's heaps of pre-tty impressive stuff about Alex too like he's a finalist in the Wallace Art Awards for 2012 and a whole list of other awards right here

Alex's latest solo show 'Metal' has just been extended at Warwick Henderson gallery, so you still have time to get in there and check it out. Otherwise you can find all his legit bits at his website alexanderbartleet.com

Hiiii Alex, How would you describe your own work to us?
A collection of thousands of real found and collected three dimensional objects assembled onto canvas or board, fixed with glue, preserved in resin and covered in various mediums including paint and metal coatings.

Your background is in painting - how did working with Metal come about?
I have always been interested in exploring new paints and mediums that change the appearance of the three dimensional surfaces of my artworks and metallic finishes have been at the top of the list. Pouring hot metal onto the surface resulted in a mush of melted objects and I was determined not to use a fake metal paint or finish. I eventually discovered a real metal cold coating supplied by a company called Metalier. In the exhibition I have used a range of metals including brass, iron, aluminium and copper.

 How excited are you to start working with 'light' as a medium for Art in the Dark? 
I am really excited about moving away from the gallery walls and taking my work outdoors. The use of light will be a lot of fun especially with the use of metal.

Any hints at what your work will be?
It will be a 360 degree experience. 

One word you'd use to describe Art in the Dark?
An adventure!

As an Aucklander yourself, why should other Aucklanders get along to Art in The Dark this year?
Because events like these are what keep Auckland city alive and exciting. There are many great parks and spaces throughout the city that we need to make more use of and enjoy. Art in the Dark is a fantastic way to achieve this.