Q &A with Hannah Jensen

1.   How are you involved with AitD this year?

Creating a recycled sculpture with my partner-in-crime Devon to wrap around a grand oak tree, representing a swirling school of fish made out of  plastic milk bottles - bringing awareness to the ever growing pollution in our seas. 

2.   Who do you think should next be resurrected via hologram?

Michael Jackson or Marilyn Monroe 

3.   Any hidden talents?

I am a great fisher woman and that goes without saying for Devon... fisherman! 

4.   What is one good thing you do for yourself?

I love yoga!!! and occasionally Devon joins in too :)

5.   How do you like to spend Sunday afternoon?

Devon cooking in the kitchen and me pottering in the studio 

 6.  If Dr Seuss finished the sentence below it would read

‘Art in the Dark is at Western Park...

light at night for all to delight

 7. One word to describe art in the dark? 


Check out Hannah & Devon's project here