Q & A with Interrupt Collective

1.   How are you involved with AitD this year? 

We are excited to be presenting a new work - 'Light Gate!' 

2.   What do you do with the rest of your time? 

We are flat out about to open our theatrical production called Flatland at Bats theatre in Wellington as part of Stab from October 13th. Inspired by Edwin A. Abbott's 1884 ‘romance of many dimensions’ novella, Flatland asks: what do we do when we think we have been enlightened? Set in the 2D and 3D worlds, Flatland traverses the art of digital puppetry; the real-time interplay between live bodies and projected image, interactive audio and digital reactions utilising Xbox Kinect technology and wearable electronics.

Then we will be developing a new collaborative work with the NOP joystick orchestra plus a few other festivals and top secret experiments.

3.   Who do you think should next be resurrected via hologram? 

The future self.

4.   Any hidden talents? 

We have the source code for double rainbows.

5.   What is one good thing you do for yourself? 


6.   How do you like to spend Sunday afternoon?

Retina recovery.

7.  If Dr Seuss finished the sentence below it would read

'Art in the Dark is at Western Park... 

...bringing joy to everyone, even the quark.'

8. One word to describe art in the dark? 


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