Q & A with Michael Wells of Tamashii Taiko Drummers

1.    How are you involved with AitD this year?

Tamashii will be doing a spectacular, contemporary drumming performance based on traditional Japanese taiko drums, rhythms and movements.

2.    What do you do with the rest of your time?


3.    Who do you think should next be resurrected via hologram?

Steve Jobs.  Can you legally run a company as a hologram?  We sure hope so.   

4.    Any hidden talents?

In our spare time, we enjoy crafting witty-ish answers to tricky questions.

5.    What is one good thing you do for yourself?

Once each day, we stop all Facebooking, and make time for a quick snack.

6.    How do you like to spend Sunday afternoon?

We don’t understand the question.  Days of the week are meaningless in the Facebook multiverse.  

7.    If Dr Seuss finished the sentence below it would read

 Art in the Dark is at Western Park..... 

‘Tis conundrum it is.. how can you see art when it’s dark?
You can feel the breeze and hear the bees.. but to see the trees you need a Spark.
Nay, friend… Hark!  For Western Park sparkles with Art!

(after that there would be something about fuzzy creatures, beneath woolly trees, enjoying odd-coloured food). 

8.    One word to describe Art in the Dark? 


Check out Michael's project here.