Why Solar Power is Awesome

This year Art in the Dark is going SOLAR! With a helping hand from Josh Hill and Portable Solar Systems who are designing and building a portable solar power system especially for us.

We chatted with Josh to get the lowdown on why the Sun is the best electricity company in town. 

AitD: What's so great about solar power?

Josh: The sun rises everyday and even if it is cloudy there is still a small amount of power available from the sun, so a properly designed solar system can be a very reliable source of power, more so than other types of renewable energy. Solar Power is very clean and totally silent, there are no exhaust fumes or running noises, this makes solar power very nice to use.

AitD: How is solar power better for the environment?

Josh: By using solar power, you are reducing the load on the electricity grid, if only a small percentage of New Zealand households used solar power, there would be no need to construct any more environmentally damaging (damming up rivers) hydro power stations and we could possibly even shut down all the coal and gas fuelled power stations, leading to a massive decrease in our CO2 output.  

AitD: Apart from Art in the Dark what are some other cool projects you have worked on? 

Josh: Our portable solar systems can be used anywhere where there is a need for portable power. We have developed portable solar systems for a range of government departments, explorers going up to the arctic, climbers going off to the Himalayas and researchers doing fieldwork.

AitD: Awesome, thanks Josh!! 


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