A Haiku for you

Neils Ellis
Summer ‘tis delayed
Neils knows to say “no!” to
turtle-neck sweaters

He’s likened to the
bee’s patella’s, cat’s nighties
Dean ain’t no string bean

Hannah Jensen
Cooler than shade in
an octopus’s garden
Hannah Umbrella

Candy Jill Elsmore
Sweeter than sour
The best of the partymix!
Dandy is Candy

Sam Snedden
The best bit is Sam
middle of an oreo
Pièce de résistance

Courteney Peters
Courteney, that’s who
The Who wished they rocked like. Yeah
you! Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo.

Lauren Marriot
Not Kenny Rodgers.
She’s epitome of ace!
Lauren ace of spades

Kimberly Davis
Shiny Kim-ber-ly
More prized than pirate bounty
Shiv-er me timbers

Claire Cowan
Cool Claire Cucumber
Tzatziki, the best flavour
sauce in your kebab.

Kristina Levings
Kristina’s so rad
She got a misdemeanour
Illegally cool

Annabel Harrison
Annabel la belle
The greatest accessory
on a bicycle

Adrian Field
Surreal strawberries
Adrian Field’s forever
Where coolness does grow

Ayla Amano
A top banana
The star of the fruit bowl is she
Ayla Chiquita

Chris Titford
Tall drink of water
He’s synonymous with ice
Chris beats Vanilla

Christopher Dempsey
The big cheese is he
Christopher, king of the platter
the Stilton of style