Art in the Dark gets a little, well, dark. While Western Park is brimming with amazing light projects and performances, it still helps to bring your own light supply to navigate the winding pathways. We like to think that if everyone brought their own way of lighting up the Ponsonby night, we'd create a brand new audience installation! Imagine that!

Last night we spotted dogs dressed up in glow-sticks (often matching their owners) fairylights worn as jewellery and head-dresses, lamps, torches and even a few homemade LED light-suits. We love it when people get into the Art in the Dark spirit, so whether you're wanting to show off your glowing threads or simply make your night a little easier to see, please bring your own light supply!    

Looking forward to seeing you tonight!

Here's what you're heading into, by the way. We're just a bit proud. Check out this amazing photo of the bottom half of Western Park by the talented Elizabeth Clarkson.


The Art in the Dark Committee.