Q & A with Ian Hughes

1.   How are you involved with AitD this year?

I am creating a music/lighting performance peice involving a musician and singers. 

2.   What do you do with the rest of your time? 

I have just finished a year converting a warehouse into my home but I try and do as much as I can: Acting, voiceover, writing.

3.   Who do you think should next be resurrected via hologram?

Be cool to see JFK and MLK sit down for a chat.

4.   Any hidden talents? 

I can blow bubbles of spit off my tounge.

5.   What is one good thing you do for yourself?


6.   How do you like to spend Sunday afternoon? 

I like to snooze - I don't get to though.

7.  If Dr Seuss finished the sentence below it would read

Art in the Dark is at Western Park...

...Under the huge spreading figs you find something big

8. One word to describe art in the dark?


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