Craig Neilson - star of our first Art in the Dark quiz!

1. How are you involved with Art in the Dark this year?

I’m an artist this year! YEEHAW

2. What do you do with the rest of your time?

I work in the Auckland parliamentary offices of the Green Party.

3. Any hidden talents?

Nah they’re kind of on display to be honest.

4. Describe your favourite light experience

Helping to set up rapid-firing lasers on to scattered & different-sized mirror balls in the Saint James theatre, spinning the mirror balls in random directions and speeds… ACID RAIN. Early 2000’s mindmelt stylez.

5. If Dr Seuss finished the sentence below it would read:

'Art in the Dark is at Western Park, a central park in this great city...
Buzzy light artworks are quite a lark, just see Penduliminosity.
It makes patterns stark from the great big and large to the tiny wee small itty bitty
And the show makes its mark with finness and no snark
And your night will be not one bit shitty'

Read about Craig's work for Art in the Dark here

Penduluminosity from CubeBrick Studios on Vimeo.