New Light Update

Westmere Primary School talk.jpgrangitotorubbish.jpg


It’s been a busy two weeks for students participating in the New Light Project – a collaborative educational endeavour with Sustainable Coastlines, artist Alex Bartleet and Art in the Dark.  

Eight schools, over 400 students and several amazing teachers are taking part in this exciting project that is educational, action-packed and loaded with creativity.


In early October, super knowledgeable Chris Cochrane from Sustainable Coastlines hosted educational workshops with each school addressing the problem of plastic in our oceans and what we can all do to help.


Thanks to the generous folk at Fullers, students got the chance to take a sweet ride on a Fullers Ferry to Rangitoto Island and help Sustainable Coastlines and Art in the Dark clean up the plastic rubbish off the beach!


Working with a concept and framework created by the super talented Alex Bartleet, the kids have been busy creating an artwork from the litter they collected at Rangitoto and the awesome art packs provided by Resene.

Each school’s individual artwork will become part of a larger installation – forming a mysterious sea creature that will be unveiled at Art in the Dark next Thursday (7th Nov).

And there are awesome prizes – thanks to Sony – to giveaway to the schools that create the most epic work. Sony has also been helping us make a time-lapse film that will be shown alongside the installation at Art in the Dark.

We have no idea what each artwork will turn out like, so the mysterious sea creature is as much of a mystery to us, as it is to the students and you guys.

So make sure you come and check out New Light and all the other incredible artworks on display in Western Park at Art in the Dark next week (7th – 9th Nov).