Rangitoto Beach Cleanup


Rangi3 copy.jpgrangi4.jpg

Last week, courtesy of Fullers and Chris Cochrane from Sustainable Coastlines, we took 100 kids from Freemans Bay School, Ponsonby Primary and Ponsonby Intermediate over to Rangitoto Island to clean up the beach.

They collected a huge amount of trash including volley-balls, toys, bottles, straws and a myriad of other plastic items.  

This week we are taking students from Westmere and Pt Chevalier School to Rangitoto to collect some more.

It may seem a bit strange that Rangitoto Island is so covered in litter considering there are no shops and no permanent residents, but because of its close proximity to Auckland all the rubbish from our streets gets washed down the stormwater drains into the ocean and washes up on Rangitoto's shores.

Now the kids are going to turn the trash they collected into an incredible artwork – with the help of Resene eco paints – for everyone to enjoy at Art in the Dark this November, so make sure you come and check it out!

Art in the Dark and Sustainable Coastlines wish to thank all the students and schools involved for their awesome effort in helping keep our coastlines beautiful.