Getting to Art in the Dark

Every year we field sad messages from people saying they spent an hour trying to find a park in Ponsonby for Art in the Dark. The answer? Please don't. 50,000 people will be coming through Art in the Dark this year, and its hard to find a park in Ponsonby at the best of times. Do the math! 

Please save yourself stress:

Bus - Western Park is on the Inner Link route, as well as a host of other bus lines. Just click here to plan your trip. 

Train - Catch the train to Britomart and hop on a bus from there.

Cycle - Make like a velociteer and cycle in! Here's the Auckland Central cycle map to help you plan your ride.

Carpool - Definitely have to drive? Ok! So we'd suggest you forget about finding a park in Ponsonby and head for the suburbs around instead, and walk the rest of the way. There are parking buildings within walking distance of Ponsonby - scope out the Wilson Parking ones here and the Auckland Transport ones here. Make sure you check the closing times before you park. 

Taxi - Uber it! We have special deal with the lovely peeps at Uber - just click on the link to find out more. 

Bright Calm City installation.jpg

Image: Bright Calm City, 2013.